Nonchalant Flowerboy

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flower boy 卓颖贤 paints emotional images with her classically-trained background combined with forward-thinking production. At the heart of her hazy songwriting is a duality of melancholic love songs and odes to identity and heritage. 

Unafraid to play with textures, her soundscapes are anxious, ambient, and affecting in the extreme. Atmospheric beats and experimental percussion are pieced together to form visceral and unrelenting electronica, overlaid with emotive and expressive melodies. The vulnerability, intimacy, and rawness of flower boy 卓颖贤's art is clear from the start. Refusing to cater to trends or adhere to particular genre 'rules' as both a DJ and live act, there is a certain power she brings to her music by knowing who she is and what she's about. flower boy 卓颖贤 treats her life like a movie; she's simply soundtracking it.

Day For Night: The Pleasure Arc (Sydney World Pride, 2022)

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1920X1080 Hero Nowords)

Day For Night: The Pleasure Arc - 24 hours

Feb 18 - Feb 18

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