Seini ‘SistaNative’ Taumoepeau

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Sēini “SistaNative” Taumoepeau is an Orator & Songwoman with an Intersectional Oceanic-Pacific lens & First Nations focus with a career spanning more than 30+ years as a Performance Artist, Presenter/Broadcaster & Creative Industries professional. She is an Indigenous woman of the Mōana & the direct descendant of Ancient Polynesian Celestial Navigators & Chiefly lineage. She practices Faivā (performance of space). Sēini carries energy medicine in her presence, her hands & in her voice. With a strong aesthetic in harmony & rhythm, Sēini works in the invisible & the intangible first & foremost exploring ideas of connectivity, hōhoko (geneology), ritual, ceremony, communication, relational inter-sectionality & displacement across Tā Vā (Time-Space). Talanoa, Talk-Story & technology are central to her praxis, often on the outskirts, the emergent, the fringe or in the margins.

Experimental Micro-Fellowship 2021

An eternal scholar & emerging Elder, Through this fellowship Sēini will continue to grow her study & practices in every direction with the desire to bring Oceanic wisdom & indigenous science to the forefront, through sharing empathic intuitive intelligent Heart centered creative practice to continue to create harmony & community praxis, as an extension of the Indigenous cultures of her people of the Mōana.

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