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Brooke Stamp is dance artist (b. Paramatta, 1979) working within a global matrix of peers to create work bridging fields of dance, visual arts, sound, conceptual performance, dramaturgy, writing, and curation.

Working with aesthetics of the experiential, her practice draws on the body’s capacity to augment language, lineage, and energy. Rooted in dance, her work operates characteristically in improvisation to generate live situations that shift fluidly between contexts of studio, gallery, theatre, and natural site. 

Brooke’s early career is marked by work as a dancer, notably with Phillip Adams Balletlab (1999-2014). Following a move from Melbourne to Sydney in 2015, her achievements have emerged within and at the fringes of traditional ‘production-based’ dance-making and her practice is now strongly situated within Contemporary Art discourse, motivated by a commitment to process-driven cross-disciplinary collaboration, which has spanned scent, film, text, and installation. Brooke’s processes are relational, indebted to lineages of avant-garde praxis, and affirm the importance of oral histories.

Brooke’s recent works include Psychic Bridge, Praxis Space LaSalle Galleries (Singapore); Artificial Island, Earl Lieu Gallery (Singapore); An Enactment of its Own Poetics, CAC; A Satellite a Letter a Rock a Score, Barco Dance Collection (Sweden/Critical Path); Pulling Down from the Ephemeral, Folie A Plusieurs & New Museum (NYC); Pulling Down from the Ephemeral, Bombo Headland Geological Site; Spells of Temporal Stasis (UNSW MFA supervised by Rochelle Haley). 

Since 2011, Brooke has contributed to, and orchestrated choreography for, over 20 Museum-based works worldwide; including at the Mori Museum Tokyo, 20th Biennale of Sydney, NGA, ACCA, NGV, AGNSW, with artists Agatha Gothe-Snape, Sally Smart, Alicia Frankovich, Maria Hassabi and, with Adam Linder she has performed at the Serralves Foundation of Contemporary Art, (Porto), Hannah Hoffman Gallery (LA), The Wattis Institute (SanFran), The Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (Luxembourg), and the Inaugural Performance Commission at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA NYC). She has earned multiple Award nominations, and in 2017, received the Australia Council Fellowship for Dance.

Experimental Choreographic Residency 2022

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