Chung Nguyen and Julia Santoli



Chung Nguyen is a performance maker based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, whose practice spans between dance/movement, performance art, and somatic studies to embody the concept of body-mind relationship. Chung’s works focus on the experience and sensations of the body in relation to movement, senses, time and space, and the interplay with objects. In 2021, Chung conceived Collective Consciousness | Collective Dreams - an ongoing research project and practice that examines the consciousness between waking reality and dream/sleep experience by looking at the phenomenal aspects of dreaming as a form of practice in daily life and in creative process. Chung has participated in artist-in residencies including Deep in the Mountains (Korea), Southeast Asia Choreolab, (Malaysia), The International Choreographers Residency-American Dance Festival (Durham, USA), and Southeast Asia Choreographers Network 2 & 3. Chung has also received grants supported by Asian Cultural Council, and travel grants supported by Prince Claus Fund, and Goethe-Institut Ho Chi Minh City.
Creating immersive and precarious environments with voice, video, feedback, electronics, psycho-acoustics, and installation, Julia Santoli navigates presence, memory, and postmemory-- memory ruptured by dislocation and inheritance (diaspora). Santoli’s approach to vocalization integrates embodied practice with an attention to close listening and empathetic response in both the artist and audience, often tipping the scales between resonant clarity and extreme sonic states. Santoli has had the honor of being a Music Resident at Pioneer Works, Asian Cultural Council grantee to Japan researching sound art and performance practices, and an Artist in Residence at Issue Project Room. Solo works and collaborations have been presented at many institutions and DIY spaces internationally.

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