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MIRASIA (fka Kween Kwong) is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the depths of music, dance and community. Her work spans performance, music production, event curation and DJing. You may also be familiar with her work amongst Sydney’s ballroom scene. Aka Mother MIRA of Kiki House of Silky, Mira holds down a house of 7 other ‘sisters’ predominantly made up of queer / trans youth of colour based in Eora (Sydney). Silky combines a diverse blend of cultures performing together to pay homage to both their ancestry and the iconic legends past and present of the ballroom scene. Focusing on nurturing talent, supporting the ‘girls’, empowering the femminine, intersecting cultures, joy, evolving and creating fearless safe spaces for marginalised peoples. When you hear Mama Mira cooking up a storm on the decks, expect a spicy pallette of genre-defying sexy song selects, and her very own cheeky edits / pussy-poppin remixes. This disco qween is here to remind you to leave your sh*t at the door, and let it all out on the floor! Cos life’s a ball and then you die… so stfu, listen to the music and feel the beat.

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