Bonedirt EMF2021


Jessie Boylan, Linda Dement and Virginia Barratt have been collaborating since 2018, and have individual practices spanning decades across nuclear legacies and futures, artificial intelligence, critiques of gender and technology, affective materialities and the production of social relations across human and non-human existence, among other areas. They are a transdisciplinary collective called BoneDirt that share all aspects of production. 

BoneDirt makes perceptible, through a practise of deep listening, the undifferentiated relationship between geological and human. They will engage in technological and speculative processes to open our perception to the non-human agency of the geological, in order to create a sense of human care for the geological. By listening to geological formations and seeking resonant frequencies, Bonedirt seeks to shift the bio to geo, attempting to engage with deep geological time, speculating as to geo-consciousness and our simultaneity with it. BoneDirt wish to create immersive environments that have an affective resonance. In their projects, they explore the power of infrasonic sound, poetics, and temporality in durational performance environments


Experimental Micro-Fellowship 2021

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