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Alex Wisser is an artist and creative producer living and working in regional NSW in the town of Kandos.  His practice involves  large scale, long term projects within a cross disciplinary, community engaged practice exploring the potential of art to participate in everyday cultural contexts.  He has participated in the establishment and development of Cementa Festival and the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation, both regionally based, socially embedded arts initiatives that work to adapt and engage contemporary art culture to real world contexts with social as well as cultural benefits.  He has participated in delivering four successful Cementa festivals, giving over 160 artists the opportunity to explore the socially engaged form and works to constantly refine and rethink the capacity of art to function in cultural contexts other than the gallery or artworld.  His contributions to KSCA have been several, including a long term engagement with farming communities seeking to change the culture of farming to more sustainable methods.  This work has lead to the formation of several festivals and public explorations of regenerative farming and has contributed significantly to the changing of public and official attitudes towards these novel forms of agriculture.

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