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Sophie’s performance practice includes that of both live and recorded stand up and sketch based comedic performances that incorporate new media robotic and installation works. This summer they started performing stand-up comedy under the stage name “Sharkie Dee” for live audiences alongside a self-built animatronic shark.

Sophie’s artistic research is focused on what it is to perform for machines and algorithms vs that of an in flesh audience? The lens through which Sophie conducts this research is via the question: what is intimacy? She is looking at humour within their research as an evolutionary learnt response that is a result of the formation of politics and groups,  asking what would it mean for algorithms and machines to start laughing?

Sophie is interested in concepts that are part of queer theory, such as what is high and low culture. This includes understanding and using “the bedroom” as a site of production, online queer femme spaces, communities, celebrity Stan accounts, meme creating and sharing groups as ways to examine cultural biases and femme phobia by looking at vulnerability as a productive liminal space. Sophie is also experimenting with whether it is possible to escape the post-modern ironic dissonance that inhabits these cultural spaces as well as the algorithmic biases that haunt them.

Sophie’s interests include that of AI, machine learning, robotics, and evolution through that of a post-human and de-colonial lens.


Queer Nu Werk, 2023

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Queer Workshop Intensive

Jul 20 - Jul 21
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Queer Nu Werk

Jul 20 - Jul 21

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