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Leen Rieth is an artist and researcher living and working in Warrang/Sydney. Their work is about trans experience, institutional narratives, and arts organising where they have identified parallels in these context relating to autonomy and self determination, perception and shared realities, and affirmation and futurity. They mess with the physical aspects, processes, and narratives in and around art contexts including art collectives, exhibitions, art schools, collections, and residency programs. They combine established mediums of live performance, video, installation and writing, with personal and interpersonal interactions. Leen includes personal interactions that occur between them and institutional procedures, policies and structures enacted by people, automated systems and physical infrastructure. Their interpersonal interactions manifest through formal and casual conversations between Leen and others, be they trans and/or queer people, artists and arts workers, or university students, staff, and alumni. Their resulting works reveal real and potential relationships with/between social, systemic, administrative and political processes with/in large institutions, organisations and smaller collectives.

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Day For Night: The Pleasure Arc (Sydney World Pride, 2023)

Past Programs

1920X1080 Hero Nowords)

Day For Night: The Pleasure Arc - 24 hours

Feb 18 - Feb 18

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