Nini Voss

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Weimar's curdled glamour-puss Nini Voss, alleged stage persona of artist Neil Beedie, returns to the stage once more to address desperate accusations of historical betrayal and keep her sangfroid amidst a never-ending fugue state.

As a painter, writer and performer, Neil looks at the potential for the debris of history and ideology to revel and reveal in the imaginaries, convening mediations between image and guise to (en)counter and court trysts between oppositions, the speculative, hauntings, myth and the omitted.

Neil's shown in Australia and New Zealand, most recently presenting a third solo painting exhibition That’s not the way out at LAILA, Sydney, and has performed in club spaces, collaborative large-scale projects, video works and the (now defunct) band Porcelain. 

Day For Night, Liveworks 2022

cLUB bENT bACK uP, Liveworks 2023

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