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Phoebe Robinson has danced in works by Sandra Parker, Rosalind Crisp, Lucy Guerin, Judith Walton, Joanna Pollitt, Frances D’Ath, Neil Adams and Kota Yamazaki. As inaugural Housemate Resident at Dancehouse in 2008, her solo work Only Leone was nominated for an Australian Dance Award. She has presented her works in Australia and internationally since 2000. Her current interest is in applying choreographic strategies within digital filmmaking. As research toward her PhD in Choreography at the VCA, University of Melbourne, Phoebe filmed, directed and edited a multi-channel screendance titled Mimeisthai. This work featured in Dance (Lens) at Dancehouse in 2021, and at Kings Artist Run Initiative in 2020. Phoebe has published essays on dance, including ’45 Degrees’, co-written by Judith Walton for Flow: Interior, Landscape and Architecture in the Era of Liquid Modernity and ‘Learn to Unlearn’ for Runway Experimental Art Magazine Issue #36 DANCE, edited by Lizzie Thomson.

Antistatic Redux: The real time it takes... , Liveworks 2023

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