WeiZen Ho

WeiZen Ho
Credit: De Quincey, photo by Vsevelod Vlaskine


WeiZen devises performances and participatory works that occupy the spaces of uncertainty between performance, ritual and installation. She investigates methods of accessing the memory body through a combination of image concept sketching, vocal-bodywork, improvisation techniques and the mimicry of spirit possession. WeiZen perceives spirit possession rituals as socially transformative and empowering, and her performance structures employ accoutrements and imagery work that locate and coalesce relationships between body, voice, sound and site.

Selected performances/projects include: Evaporative Body, Multiplying Body (Keir Choreographic Award with Alan Schacher 2022), Dying- Differently, Possibly (social-installation, Cementa festival 2022), illuminations of created place (performance-installation, Willoughby City Council curation 2022), Amulet Body (performance-installation, National Portrait Gallery 2021), Australia-Taiwan Digital Residency (Critical Path, HORSE and Bare Feet Dance Theatre 2020-21), The Invisibles (360VR Theatre Kantanka 2021), t h e  s u b t l e  b e i n g s (Articulate project space 2018), Stories from the Body series (Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia 2014-18), artist/curator SoundBitesBody (Blue Mountains NSW 2012-16), director TUFA visual/music group (Australia, Indonesia, China 1999-2004).

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