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Photographed by Estelle Yoon


As a self-described sculptor of sound existing and creating on Gadigal land, South Korean artist, AnSo’s works are ever-evolving, like a blob of clay on a throwing wheel, the hands of the sculptor, feeling, moulding, collapsing, rising. AnSo’s music is raw and confronting, the back-and-forth weave of Korean and English lyrics representing the way their thoughts sound in their head whilst their uniqueness of sound comes from their love of field recordings, manipulating, distorting, and sculpting sounds to how they see fit. 'Come Find Me', was their most recent release after their previous hyper-pop coming-out single 'So Damn Loud' and debut EP Farrago of Emotions. AnSo is currently working towards a larger body of work called 'It's Myself That I Crave', planning to be released early 2023, whilst also focusing on creating unique performance experiences.

Day For Night, Liveworks 2022

Queer Nu Wek, 2023

Past Programs

QWI X (1))

Queer Workshop Intensive

Jul 20 - Jul 21
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Queer Nu Werk

Jul 20 - Jul 21

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