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GAS's sound explores the vulnerabilities of shared desire and intimacy. Drawn out loops emanate, echo and swell across boundaries where unchecked consequences, shame, the unknowable and thought of ending meet.

Del Lumanta is an artist and musician based in Sydney, Australia known for operating under numerous monikers including: GAS (Tenth Court), Steam Vent (Longform Editions, Chemical Imbalance), Basic Human (Meatspin), Cutlery, Del's Island, Video Ezy (Paradise Daily), Skyline (Nice Music), Cabbage, Leechridden Swamp and Honey 2 Honey (Chapter). Through their solo projects and collaborative work they have supported Klein, Caterina Barbieri, Lucy Cliche, William Basinksi, Lawrence English, Rui Ho, Blues Control, Deerhoof, Container, Opal Beau and more. Their experimental works are varied and curious and have been presented at Dark Mofo, Vivid, Next Wave and Sydney Festival. They currently facilitate New Age Noise (fka All Girl Electronic) a free electronic music production workshop program for young women, trans and non-binary youth from Western Sydney at Information and Cultural Exchange

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