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Dr Sam Mcgilp is a new media artist based on Wurundjeri country in Naarm. He creates collaborative modes of making with performers through playful experiments in new media that expand the potential dramaturgies of live performance. Sam’s body of work includes performance (Running Machine - Arts House - 2022), hybrid digital/performance works (Body Crysis – The Substation – 2022), films (Body Pipelines - Sydney Opera House - 2023, Bonanza! - Chunky Move - MIFF 2021), and contributions to discourse (Taipei Performing Arts Center's Adam Lab – 2021, ANAT Multiplicity Conference - 2022). Sam has worked extensively in collaborative contexts including with NAXS Future (Taiwan), Lu Yang (China), and Kazuhiko Hiwa and Makoto Uemura (Japan), as well as with celebrated contemporary Australian artists.

He completed his PhD at RMIT University working with Chamber Made, investigating digital artworks that share an artistic inquiry with live performance works. This research was awarded the Vice Chancellor's PhD Scholarship and the Emerging Scholar Award (Arts in Society Conference).

Antistatic Redux: The real time it takes... , Liveworks 2023

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