Dax Carnay

Dax Carnay
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Dax has a rich heritage in the arts, rooted in their academic journey at the University of the Philippines. Since 2003, they have been an active member of the University of the Philippines Repertory Company, making significant strides as a cultural worker and activist within the theatre scene. Dax's contributions have spanned various roles, including actor, director, marketing consultant, and producer, collaborating with esteemed organizations such as the Metro Manila Pride Organisation, Repertory Philippines, Philippine Educational Theater Association, Manila Fringe, Nineworks Theatrical, ABS-CBN, GMA, Dulaang UP, The Virgin Labfest, Cinemalaya, Cinefilipino, Cinemaone Originals, Tanghalang Pilipino, Cultural Center of the Philippines, and the International Theater Institute.

In 2020, Dax embarked on a new chapter in Melbourne, drawn by the city's vibrant cultural diversity and the opportunity to inspire others through their story. They immersed themselves in furthering their craft with dedication, undergoing training in the Meisner technique at Meisner Studio Manila, Screen Acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, and the National Actors Intensive at The Australian Film and Television Academy. Dax's commitment to excellence led them to be selected for the prestigious Malthouse Emerging Writers Program in 2023, an opportunity that allowed them to further hone their craft in writing for the stage.

In Melbourne, Dax continued to forge meaningful collaborations with groups, artists, and festivals, including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, SBS, 24 Carrot Productions, Eagle's Nest Theater, Zanny Begg, La Mama Theater, Western Edge, and Antipodes Theatre. This vibrant engagement with the local arts scene culminated in Dax being honoured as BroadwayWorld's Best Performer in a Play for Melbourne in 2023, a significant accolade that underscores their exceptional talent and the profound impact of their contributions to the theatre community in Melbourne.

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