Samia Sayed

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Samia Sayed is a contemporary artist and writer, currently living and working on Darrug and Gadigal land. She works with text, sound and performance and through this explores what she has lived through and witnessed to be forms of resistance within domestic, religious and cultural spheres. 

Project description
Samia is creating a new language through her performance practice in response to burnouts. Burnouts- the practice of keeping a vehicle stationary while spinning its wheels by hitting the brakes and accelerator at the same time. Samia will conduct global anthropological research and develop a performance in response to the fierce women and non-binary folks who do burnouts- taking up space in patriarchal car culture; paralleling moments of turmoil and the isolated yet turbulent state she has been living and working in during this pandemic. Together, shredding rubber, all within the confines of her studio apartment. 

Experimental Micro-Fellowship 2020


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