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CREATION is a queer insurrectionary science fiction climate change religion for our times. Congregate with us at Performance Space’s Day for Night: The Pleasure Arc, accompanied on the DJ decks by the iconic Stereogamous. Manifesting as an elaborate sacrament of original music performed by beloved queer talents, the ceremony is replete with shareable dance moves, participatory chanting, glorious songs, elaborate regalia, dazzling animated imagery, intoxicating poetry, communal planet grief, worship, love,community icons, rage and disco.

CREATION’s offerings across artforms arise from artist SJ Norman’s Liturgy of the Saprophyte, the new sacred literature forming the hot red heart of this fledgeling faith. Poetic responses to the liturgy by writers Ellen van Neerven, Evelyn Araluen, Jinghua Qian, Virginia Barratt, Brain Fuata, Kerri Shying and Heather Grace Jones are adapted into choral compositions by musical director Lex Lindsay and guest composer Karen Cummings.

In preparation we will invite you to learn the chants that bring soul and substance to CREATION and to come dressed in your own white regalia. Ticket holders are invited to join the procession of CREATION performers to participate and reinvigorate.

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Level 2, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh



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