Rosalind Crisp

R Crisp 2010 No One Will Tell Us... Photo P. Berger (1)
Rosalind Crisp. Photo: Patrick Berger


Rosalind Crisp has maintained a solo and collaborative, studio research practice for 40 years, at Omeo Dance Studio, Sydney, which she founded in 1996, at Atelier de Paris, Paris where she was Associate Artist for ten years, and now at the Orbost Studio for Dance Research which she founded in 2021 with partner Andrew Morrish. Since the late ‘90’s her works are developed with a multi-disciplinary team of long term artist-colleagues (dance, sound, light, scenic framing, writing). Guest artists from around the world join the core team for specific projects. Since 2017, her solo and collaborative works have engaged with the environmental devastation occurring across her home country of East Gippsland, interacting with science & local knowledge to develop complex aesthetic responses. Performative outcomes are contextual, from low tech in-the-bush or studio sharings with local communities, to large scale theatrical works for urban audiences. In 2015 France made her a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres (Knight/dame of the Arts).

Antistatic Redux: The real time it takes... , Liveworks 2023

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