Charlie Trier

Charlie Trier
Photo credit: Maarten Nauw. From Jacuzzi event in Oude Kerk, October 2023, Amsterdam.


Charlie Laban Trier, (b. DK 1987), is a dancer and choreographer. He has for the past 10 years lived between Amsterdam and Copenhagen. 
In 2023 he moved to Gadigal land, where he’s currently finding his feet.
His early training stems mainly from dances connected to house music such as; Oldway vogue, House-dance and Chicago footwork. These dances/Teachers live in the body and informs his dancing, but nowadays his making emerges through movement research and experiments in performativity. Living as a transperson, is further a big Teacher in his approach to work, thinking of transness as a technology that helps him craft and complicate material. Likewise Charlie thinks of dance as a slippery matter, and a joker that can instantaneously inhabit many images, seducing its viewers while cheekily sliding out of shape. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in choreography from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam 2018. He further holds diplomas from Hotstepper’s and Flow’s dance educations in Copenhagen. 
He works as a performer for various artists internationally and produces his own performances, consisting of four premiered works and two current projects in the making, which have been presented in venues including Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Inkonst Malmö, Ufer studios Berlin, MDT Stockholm, Museion Bolzano, Liveworks Centrale Fies Italy, Warehouse9 Copenhagen.

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