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As a teenager in Melbourne, Australia, Chela (or Chelsea Wheatley as her mama calls her) did what anyone else with a couple of friends and a cheap bass does all over the world: she started a three-chord punk band. It's not only formative, but crucial in expressing everything you possibly can with a limited palette, while also being loud as possible. The thing is, you never stop being a punk, even when you start making pop music.

With just a handful of tracks released under the Chela moniker, she has demonstrated a keen taste for '80s electro-pop that digs into a rainbow hook, but hits the earth hard.

Chela dropped her most recent single ‘Shut You Up’ featuring Banoffee at the end of last year, more music and an EP to follow later in 2019. The tracks were all produced by Chris Zane  (Passion Pit, Bat for Lashes) in the UK last year.

Her first EP ‘Romantise‘ was released through French Label Kitsune with rave reviews. Chela has featured on tracks with Paces, Clubfeet, and Goldroom along with amazing support from NPR, Purple Sneakers, Fbi Radio and Noisey.

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