Lucy Doherty

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Lucy Doherty, image by Kishka Jensen


Lucy Doherty is a queer artist and performance maker with a life-long connection to dance. Trained in multiple dance styles, she has left her mark on both stage and screen, captivating audiences with her magnetic stage presence and emotionally charged performances.

Driven by personal experiences, including the loss of her mother as a young adult, Lucy's creative practice delves into themes such as grief, mortality, sexuality, and divinity. She self-produced and toured her first full-length production titled "One," in 2015 which gained immense support within the dance community. This experience led her to establish the community-focused arts organisation "One Dance Collective," empowering and inspiring emerging dance artists through professional and creative development initiatives.

Lucy's journey with grief also birthed a series of powerful dance films that have received acclaim both nationally and internationally. Her work in this realm has earned her nominations for two Australian Dance Awards for "Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film."

Through mediums of choreography, film, and live performance, Lucy's artistic practice centres on the exploration of the body and subtle energy. She is interested in the intricate interplay between physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of the human experience. Fuelled by curiosity and a desire to foster authentic connections and nurture community, Lucy continues to offer transformative and cathartic experiences both personally & for audiences alike.

Queer Nu Werk, 2023

Experimental Choreographic Program Lab, 2024

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