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Ever since arriving on Gadigal land from her birthplace in Mumbai, kaisha lux (she/they/it) has never been able to sit still. Is it a relic of the loud, crowded streets that she once lived on? Is it a sign of affection for an unpredictable future? Or is it something in between?

Through her work as a photographer, filmmaker, and digital creator, kaisha seeks to explore the diverse experiences of first and second generation immigrants like herself, and tells rich stories about love, family, culture, trauma and queerness that are both lived in by her subjects and passed down by their elders.

Wanting to create the media that she dreamt to see as a child, kaisha aims to capture the hidden realities of the worlds we grew up in and expose the unseen imaginations of the people that drive them. Her works carefully interpolate light and texture to reveal the visible and invisible in our lives, and use bright visuals and deep color palettes to show us the meanings within.

kaisha has previously worked between clubs and communities alike. As a frequent collaborator for Twenty10 and Field Theory, she has documented some of Sydney’s fiercest queer youth in moments of joy and inspiration, and highlighted the work that goes into supporting them. As photographer and creative director for her own brand Kapalux, kaisha has showcased the work of leading local artists in the beauty and fashion industries, and has developed a series of portrait and digital works depicting a range of queer and South Asian life experiences in post-Y2K Australia.

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