House of Slé

House of Slé. Image by Jonno Revanche.
House of Slé. Image by Jonno Revanche.


House of Slé is an artist based collective, performance group, ballroom house and most importantly family unit that has its origins in western Sydney. Their work blurs the lines between community and art world performance, collapsing notions of hierarchy and power by occupying traditional and non traditional spaces within Sydney and greater Australia. The house members are made up of artists, dancers and activists who identify culturally beyond the secular LGBTQI+ community as their respective roles as Fa’afafine, Fakaleti, Mahu, Balka and Femme Queens. 

Mother of the House, Bhenji Ra, has been operating within her community to hold community balls throughout Sydney, creating platforms for the queer people of color that make up both her house and extended family. Such balls have been noted to be the largest in the Asia Pacific, notably Sissy Ball, an annual ball directed by Bhenji herself. House of Slé aims to create platforms by their community, for their community in order to have representation and voice within Sydney’s queer and cultural mecca.

Queer Nu Werk: Werk Harder 2021 

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