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LIVE DREAMS: JESTER - Credit: Sophie Dumaresq


Joel Bray

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Friday 10 Jun - 7:00pm
Sunday 19 Jun - 11:59pm


Digital or In-Theatre presentation

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Taking place both in physical space and online, come and glimpse into the future of experimental art, curated by Performance Space.



The live stream will be available on demand until Sunday 19th June 11.59pm

JESTER (10th June 2022)
Curated by Joel Bray

As the world burns…and drowns…we find ourselves asking each other “What art should we be making right now?”. Do we lift the canvas flap of the sideshow tent and entreat our audiences to shuffle inside to our cavern of wonders, offering them a moment’s respite from the incessant bombardment of bad news?

Or, do we pass out the pitchforks and raise the rallying cry “the King is a Fool!” and lead our audiences towards the castle walls? Or do we strut and somersault and giggle our way into the throne room, and through our foolishness reveal his…and theirs?

For this JESTER edition of LIVE DREAMS, I have gathered a motley troupe who gleefully do all three. They continue an ancient legacy of buffoonery that speaks truth to power.

And we need that right now.



Thomas Woodman, Self-deflection
'Self-deflection' deals with the unachievable desire to be invisible as a performer. The aspiration to vanish or be a camouflaged chameleon are ideas that are toyed with, yet never fully actualised (sadly).

Sophie Dumaresq,
Bedtime Stories For Tired Bots
Bedtime Stories for Tired Bots
is a series of performed live, as well as broadcasted and recorded digitally, multimedia sketch and stand up based comedic arts performances in the form of a series of often interconnected short stories.

Mark Shorter, The Double-Backed Beast
“The Double-Backed Beast”
is a hydraulic sculpture, which can lift and pivot a person up to 3 metres high into the air producing myriad shapes and forms. The work came from an idea to give a massage chair agency, shifting the chair from a support structure to a collaborator that could twist and turn and duet with a body.

Emily Norton & Maddie Johnston, Daisiez
Daisiez’ is a short experimental film in the form of a farce. The work features two protagonists, who instead of following a formal narrative, enact scenes that cut between reality and imagination. Both artists act in the film themselves, as the work exists as both documented performance and video art.

Rebecca Riggs-Bennett,King’s Choice
King’s Choice
is an autobiographical dismantling of the “hero’s journey”.
In the performance, Bec attempts to become a hero, but in turn must also become a beast. King’s Choice asks: What if a “good leader” were to exist without the prerequisites of cruelty, violence, and wickedness? Or rather: What if the hero rejected beastliness? 

Rachmania Shaliha PulunganFool For You
I will be exploring the two dynamics of "two 'evil' jesters" in love. In pop culture, we see the Joker have his counterpart, Harley Quinn, however in my work I will be exploring two genderless jesters. Some of the themes I'll be exploring will stem from one of the "sins" - GLUTTONY. And how this connects with toxic relationships, villainy, accusations, perceptions and maybe asking the question, what makes of a villain and are the actual villains in our everyday life?

Joshua Freedman, princess needs a peach (working title)
Featuring a unique blend of physical theatre and drag, this work is an hommage to the brilliantly melodramatic and sumptuously sensual throes of brokenheartedness. It follows a tragic fool on their doomed quest for love, celebrating vulnerability, fragility, and idealism. The antithesis to a world where partners are just there to fill physical and emotional holes, and the height of romance is cuddling for a few minutes afterwards. 


Performance Space’s LIVE DREAMS is a platform for artists to share works-in-progress and ideas in development in a dynamic and responsive environment. LIVE DREAMS takes place both in-theatre at Carriageworks and digitally via our live streaming channel, Live On The Line. This platform offers us an exciting glimpse into current developments in experimental art, creating a crucible for experimentation and conversation.

This June, Performance Space will hold a special edition of LIVE DREAMS, inviting artists to present works-in-progress that imagine radical futures. Our three guest curators—Talia Smith, Joel Bray and Victoria Spence—have themed each stream with a powerful forward-looking provocation, inviting us to interrogate the role of art in shaping and reshaping our collective future in an ever-shifting world. What agendas do we want to advance and how might art dispel myths, illuminate concerns or provoke radical visions? 

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Please note that anyone under 18 will need to be accompanied by a guardian, and otherwise won’t be allowed into the venue. 

Haze and strong red light 
The Public Space will be host to a large installation contact by Sam Whiteside. This installation will be hanging from the ceiling, beaming slow moving, red light into the space. It will also incorporate haze. This installation is present near the bar and cafe and outside of Bay 20, where LIVE DREAMS will take place.  

Food, Beverage and DJ’s
From 5pm, the cafe and bar will be open within Carriageworks serving an array of food and beverages, with DJ’s playing across the evening.   

There will be a 20 minute intermission.

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Loud and sudden noise 

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