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The Order of Autophagia: The supper of terror … - Natasha Tontey

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Image Credit: Hana Sawada, Kyoto Experiment


Natasha Tontey

Dates & Session Times

Thursday 21 Oct - 11:59pm
Friday 22 Oct - 11:59pm
Saturday 23 Oct - 11:59pm




Grotesque and graphic warning

Directed and written by Natasha Tontey in collaboration with Arsita Iswardhani, Ahmad Susantri, B.M. Anggana, Piring Tirbing and Harsya Wahono (Divisi 62).

Produced by B.M. Anggana
Dramaturg by Natasha Tontey
Co-dramaturg by B.M. Anggana 

B.M. Anggana
Natasha Tontey
Ahmad Susantri
Arsita Iswardhani

Ahmad Susantri
Arsita Iswardhani

Line Producer
Amalia Rizqi Fitriani

Natasha Tontey
B.M. Anggana

Head of Art & Properties Department
Erlangga Fauzan

Costume & Special Effect
Arda Awigarda

Cook & Special Effect
Agge Akbar

Juraiz Taftazani


Director of Photography
Aditya Krisnawan

Editor & VFX
Arief Budiman

Sound Recordist
Alan Daru Wicaksana


The Order of Autophagia: The supper of terror, the lunch for the uncanny, unapologetic snacks on the apocalyptic moment.

This event has now finished. Keep an eye on our socials or subscribe to our mailing list for documentation of this amazing work. 

The Order of Autophagia is a midnight dinner party, inviting you to consider a perspective on cannibalism that speaks urgently—and with dark humour—to our times. Could the practice of autophagia, where humans self-cycle their energy by eating themselves, challenge our culture of overconsumption and waste?  

In this anarchic digital experience, celebrated artist Natasha Tontey challenges colonial assumptions about cannibalism and offers a speculative way of thinking about anthropophagy, posing radical solutions to our ecological problems and our bad habit of consumption. In homage to Grand Guignol—the gruesome Parisian realist theatre of the 1890s—Tontey creates an immersive digital world and invites guests to attend her performative midnight feast. You are invited to dial in (and dine) from your own home, in costume, on faux cannibalistic recipes as you enter The Order of Autophagia.

The Order of Autophagia: The supper of terror, the lunch for the uncanny, unapologetic snacks on the apocalyptic moment, by Natasha Tontey, is a participatory dinner hosted on Zoom by the artist.

Duration: 1 hour
Date and Time: Thu 21-Sat 23 October, 11:59pm
Access: Auslan and captioning available - Fri night 22 October, 11:59pm
             Audio description available - Sat night 23 October, 11:59pm

The Order of Autophagia was commissioned by Performance Space 

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