Performance Space; Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District (Hong Kong); and Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts present

Hundreds + Thousands (Multi-City): Germination

Germination Workshops
Image Credit: Luke George & Daniel Kok


Daniel Kok
Luke George

Dates & Session Times

Tuesday 5 Oct - 7:00pm
Wednesday 6 Oct - 3:00pm
Friday 15 Oct - 7:00pm
Saturday 16 Oct - 3:00pm


Online, facilitated by the artists across Zoom and Email. 


Lead Artists
Daniel Kok (Singapore)
Luke George (Melbourne)

Collaborating Artists
Leeroy New (Manila)
Nigel Brown (Tainan/Melbourne)
Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Tainan)
Matthew Adey (Adelaide)

Production Manager 
Nicholas Tee (Singapore)

Production Partners
Performance Space (Sydney)
West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (Hong Kong) 
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts 


Hundreds + Thousands (Multi-City): Germination (Daniel Kok and Luke George)

Calling all plant lovers!

If you’ve developed a strong relationship with your plants, we invite you to join Hundreds + Thousands (Multi-City), a small art movement enlisting the participation of plants as collaborators, mediators and audience. Through this online workshop series you will join artists Luke George (Australia) and Daniel Kok (Singapore) to devise a series of collaborations, performances and happenings with your own chosen plant companions. Joining fellow “plantitas” from Sydney, Perth and Hong Kong, you and your plants will build this movement from the ground up, from the comfort of your own home. 

Relating with plants from the basis that they know (what do plants know?), Hundreds + Thousands (Multi-City) rearranges the experience of the visual, the sensual and the sensible. The Germination workshops will culminate in a digital exhibition—Virtual Nursery—taking place during the 2021 Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art. A ticket to Germination also includes access to further public activities in the Hundreds + Thousands series in 2022.

For more information, please refer to our e-brochure.

A ticket grants one person (and their plants!) participation in the workshop series. For more information, including specific workshop dates and times, please refer to our e-brochure.

Hundreds + Thousands (Multi-City) is a small art movement that engages up to 100 people from different walks of life - regardless of age, ethnicity, sexualities, backgrounds or occupations - in Sydney, Hong Kong and Perth. The engagement process begins with a series of online meetings and simple individual activities, and eventually lead to public activities and performance presentations guided by the artists. In this process, people and plants interact to rediscover the complex relationships that we share in our living environments. 

This process will take place in 3 stages between September 2021 and November 2022. In Stage 1, participants will encounter other plant enthusiasts (and a variety of plants) and receive different ‘parcels’ by email and by post, with which they can create simple performances with their plants at home. Recordings of some activities will then be displayed in a specially-designed website that will be launched as part of LiveWorks Festival 2021. Stages 2 and 3 will take place in 2022 in Perth, Sydney and Hong Kong. 


  • 2nd SEP: Participant registrations open
  • 22nd SEP: Participant registrations close
  • 23rd SEP: Parcel #1
  • 24th / 25th SEP: Online Gatherings for you, your plants and other ‘plantitas’
  • 27th SEP - 6th OCT: Parcel #2
  • 7th - 16th OCT: Parcel #3
  • 20th - 24th OCT: VIRTUAL NURSERY digital exhibition 


Duration: 2 hours max per workshop

Virtual Nursery Available to all
Wednesday 20th to Sunday 24th October

Access: 75% visual content

Hundreds + Thousands (Multi-City): Germination by Daniel Kok and Luke George, will be a series of workshop events that will be hosted on Zoom by the artists. There will be a link on our website to access this.


Hundreds + Thousands was commissioned by National Gallery Singapore for Performing Spaces 2021. 

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