Performance Space presents

Rupture: all the stars unshining

BoneDirt Rupture
Rupture, BoneDirt, 2019 Photo by Cynthia Sciberras


V Barratt
Jessie Boylan
Linda Dement

Dates & Session Times

Thursday 20 Oct - 6:00pm
Friday 21 Oct - 10:00am
Saturday 22 Oct - 10:00am
Sunday 23 Oct - 10:00am
Monday 24 Oct - 10:00am
Tuesday 25 Oct - 10:00am
Wednesday 26 Oct - 10:00am
Thursday 27 Oct - 10:00am
Friday 28 Oct - 10:00am
Saturday 29 Oct - 10:00am
Sunday 30 Oct - 10:00am


Bay 19, Carriageworks


V Barratt
Jessie Boylan
Linda Dement

Additional sound design and composition

Genevieve Fry

Jenna Tuke


Rupture: all the stars unshining

This installation will be open
Thur 20 - Sun 30 Oct: 10am -10pm

Rupture: all the stars unshining is an affecting video and performance installation, revealing the ways in which the body and the world mimic each other in states of panic and crisis. Created by groundbreaking experimental artists V Barratt, Linda Dement and Jessie Boylan (BoneDirt), Rupture explores how symptoms of environmental and human ‘disorder’ can be seen as an appropriate response to personal traumas and global disaster. This relationship plays out across multiple screens alongside occasional moments of live performance, placing Barratt’s body in direct conversation with extraordinary video footage of landscapes in states of transformation and flux.

In our current age of anxiety, global politics, ecological devastation, insecurity and instability pervade our daily lives: we are constantly faced with present and imminent environmental and psychological ‘rupture’. These ruptures reveal a human moment beneath the machinations of catastrophic late capitalism. By considering this human state of panic as a form of both urgency and agency, can we begin to develop ways of engaging with—and exiting from—catastrophe?

Audience Warnings: Content related to panic and anxiety, Low frequency sounds

Free Admission
Rupture: all the stars unshining will be inhabited at various times throughout the festival. You can catch BoneDirt artist V Barratt's short improvisational performances at the following times:

Thursday 20 Oct - 8.00pm
Friday 21 Oct - 6.00pm & 8.00pm
Saturday 22 Oct - 1.30pm 17 minute activation, 6.00pm 30 minute performance
Sunday 23 Oct -  1.30pm 17 minute activation, 4.00pm 30 minute performance
Monday 24 Oct - day off
Tuesday 25 Oct - day off
Wednesday 26 Oct - 8pm 30 minute performance
Thursday 27 Oct - 5.00pm 17 minute activation
Friday 28 Oct - 5.00pm 17 minute activation, 8.00pm 30 minute performance  
Saturday 29 Oct - 1.30pm 17 minute activation, 6.00pm 17 minute activation & 8.30pm 30 minute performance  
Sunday 30 Oct - 4.00pm 17 minute activation, 6.00pm 30 minute performance  

This is an adaptation of work, which was originally commissioned for the Bendigo Art Gallery as part of their 2018 Going Solo Initiative.

Supported by the Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab, School of the Arts and Media, UNSW.

Supported by University of Adelaide, Light Cultural Foundation, the Australian Research Council and Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Developed in association with Dr. Luke Harald, Elder Conservatorium and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Ripple Effect community grant through Human.Kind Studios

Supported by:
Arts South Australia
La Trobe University Visual Arts

The artists would like to thank Jenna Tuke, Frances Barrett, Victoria Hunt, Garry Stewart, Mandy Calder 

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