Commissioned by Performance Space and HOTA, Home of the Arts for Liveworks 2022 and HOTA Gallery 2022

A barrow, a singsing

Eric Bridgeman
Shields by Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman, photo by Carl Warner


Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman

Dates & Session Times

Thursday 20 Oct - 6:00pm
Friday 21 Oct - 10:00am
Saturday 22 Oct - 10:00am
Sunday 23 Oct - 10:00am
Monday 24 Oct - 10:00am
Tuesday 25 Oct - 10:00am
Wednesday 26 Oct - 10:00am
Thursday 27 Oct - 10:00am
Friday 28 Oct - 10:00am
Saturday 29 Oct - 10:00am
Sunday 30 Oct - 10:00am


Public Space, Carriageworks


Lead artist
Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman

A barrow, a singsing

This installation will be open
Thur 20 - Sun 30 Oct: 10am -10pm

“When I look at the sport of rugby league, I see the body colliding with the earth like barrows in dramatic formations, a repetitive display of rainbow coloured armour, a dance, a singsing of shields that hover before the skin, flesh and bones.” - Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman

This major new commission by Australian-Papua New Guinean artist Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman brings together 19 large-scale shield paintings with sculpture, photography and installation, to create one of Bridgeman’s most substantial and ambitious bodies of work to date. Weaving together imagery, colours and materials inspired by Bridgeman’s ancestral lineage in Papua New Guinea with those of the rugby league sporting code, A barrow, a singsing is a highly personal work that reverberates with ideas celebration and sorrow; life and death; victory and loss; joy and sadness; flesh and bones; stillness and movement; sport and culture; front and back; colour and darkness; bodies and limbs.

Reimagined by Bridgeman’s installation, the green field of rugby league becomes an interior space: a stage where disputes are played out, where sadness can take over or where victory results in awe and jubilation. And as Bridgeman suggests, "there are two sides to a shield. One presents itself as the face of war, designed to project strength and protect in times of conflict. The other carries all of the physical traits and emotional vulnerabilities of being human."

This is an installation that will be open from 10am -10pm Thur 20 - Sun 30 Oct, and 10am - 6pm on Monday 24 Oct. 
Please see the Virtual Tour of this installation here

Free Admission

Commissioned by Performance Space and HOTA, Home of the Arts (QLD) as part of a new three-year partnership, A barrow, a singsing is a powerful assertion of personal and cultural strength and vulnerability.

Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman is a delivering a Keynote Conversation as part of LIVE FUTURES, Saturday 22 October

Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman, A barrow, a singsing, was commissioned by Performance Space and HOTA, Home of the Arts for Liveworks 2022 and HOTA Gallery 2022

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