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Here we are, at the final week of our Creating in Quarantine series. Have you journeyed with us through the last month of artists' self portraits? It's been a privilege to explore the varied experiences of our artists through isolation, global movements and shifts in their practice and creative energy.
Here is the beginning if you care to wander.

In our final week we have a work by Auckland-based artist Jermaine Dean, that speaks to artists' adaptability in times of uncertainty. The things that can be created and recreated with limited resources and a creative mind. Reframing the space and objects around you, allowing boredom to morph and rekindle the energy.

Jermaine says of his work;

The chamber I called my room and the prison of my mind. The lust of intimacy empty in my sheets. Resourceful Realms. A space I have learnt to build over the years. Learning to adapt with the environmental debris of any situation. Through our Rahui (lockdown) I was blessed to have a bubble of different creatives. Boredom lead to “wana do a shoot today?” No expectations or briefs we just wanted to have fun. Became clear that this was the answer to getting through my time in isolation. Experimental creativity became a great mental health release for me. I began creating a world from the frame of my uprisen bed base and every textual piece in my wardrobe. Inviting my flatmates to enter I created a 5 day colour portrait series. I was proud of myself. I felt reconnected. A fire flickering louder. I decided to open and share this new confidence. Renamed @eyeofkaos

Jermaine Dean, 2020

Your support this year will enable PSpace to:

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Develop arts experiences that will bring our community together as soon as it is safe to do so: including a radical reimagining of our 2020 Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art. 

• Adapt our programs and create new initiatives that enable art to thrive throughout this strange and unpredictable time.

While our artists invent new ways to work and dream, we are right by their side, creating support structures and leaning in, as we have been for 35 years. 

Please support us to ensure Artists can continue to live, work and flourish through the chaos of these times.

When the virus breaks, we’re going to share this work with you. It will be beautiful, surprising and new. And we will have come through it together.

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