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None of us at Performance Space know exactly what will happen in the coming months, but we do know that eventually, this pandemic will pass. And when it does we want two things: for our vital and beloved community of artists to be thriving; and for our community to be able to come together, share experiences of the year and dream about the future. 

We've spent time recently communicating with artists who have been creating and experimenting during lockdown, many of them adapting to these challenges by finding new ways to explore their practice. Performance Space has commissioned a self portrait series, Creating in Quarantine, where our artists demonstrate the ways they've been working in isolation through the lens of their practice. 

First up is Daniel Kok! Take in the beautiful image, Corona Bride and the accompanying words from Daniel here: 

"HOMEBOUND is an incidental series of creative studies; assignments to
keep learning and making while I stay at home in Singapore over the
lockdown. Rope has been a big part of my artistic practice over the last
few years. I have wanted to synthesise different knotting techniques
from bondage, macrame, camping and so on, in order to discover
relationships of intimacy and ways to communicate through a playfully
‘queer’ rope practice. Moreover, since other freelance artists all over the
world have lost a lot of work opportunities due to the pandemic, I have
been making bespoke pot plant holders (among other things) and raising
funds through these to help artists without government support to buy
food or pay rent. This has allowed me to stay in touch with my
colleagues and friends from different countries, and to find a tangible
way to directly render some support. My reflections about art and work
continue to evolve over this global health crisis, but I think I have already
found new departures and strategies for my creative life." - Daniel Kok, artist

Your support this year will enable PSpace to:

• Support artists to experiment and creatively develop their work through the various stages of lockdown.

• Develop arts experiences that will bring our community together as soon
as it is safe to do so: including a radical reimagining of our 2020 Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art. 

• Adapt our programs and create new initiatives that enable art to thrive throughout this strange and unpredictable time.

That’s why we need your support to keep building our program and working with artists through this difficult time. While our artists invent new ways to work and dream, we are right by their side, creating support structures and leaning in. And as an organisation that has supported experimental art for over 35 years, we're not afraid to test out new ways of working when the going gets weird.

Please support us to ensure they can continue to live, work and flourish through the chaos of these times.

When the virus breaks, we’re going to share this work with you. It will be beautiful, surprising and new. And we will have come through it together.

Donate to support the future of experimental art. 

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