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HERO Julie Anne Long. Nun's Night Out. Still Samuel James
Julie-Anne Long. Nun’s Night Out. Still: Samuel James

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Friday 20 Oct - 10:00am
Saturday 21 Oct - 10:00am
Sunday 22 Oct - 10:00am
Wednesday 25 Oct - 10:00am
Thursday 26 Oct - 10:00am
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Saturday 28 Oct - 10:00am
Sunday 29 Oct - 10:00am


Track 12 Carriageworks Sydney

245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh



Sunrise at Midnight (2001)
Writer/Director: Sean O’Brien
Choreography and Dance: Yumi Umiumare, Tony Yap
Producer: Sophie Jackson and Sean O'Brien
Camera: Simon Von Wolkenstein, Sean O'Brien
Editor: Nick Meyers
Set Design: Robert Herbert
Music: Satsuki Odamura and Anne Norman Electronic
Soundscape: Kazumichi Grime

Catching and Killing (2006)
Director: Squareyed Films (Sean Gilligan and Sarah-Jane Woulahan)
Music Artist: Youth Group
Choreographer: Jane McKernan
Performers: Lizzie Thomson, Brian Fuata, Hannah Gee-Claugh, Jacob Livermore and Chafia Brooks.
DOP: Tim McGahan ACS
Art Direction: Michelle Sotheren
Make-Up: Emma Louise
Hair: Chris Stewart
Label: EMI Music Australia

Nun's Night Out (2004/5)
Director: Samuel James and Julie-Anne Long
Choreographer: Julie-Anne Long
Composer: Drew Crawford
Performers: Kathy Cogill, Martin del Amo, Julie-Anne Long, Rakini Devi, Michael Whaites, Bernadette Walong, Narelle Benjamin
Photographer: Heidrun Lohr

Keep Walking (2007)
Director: Justin Kurzel
Music: Mess Hall
Choreographer and performers: B*boy Red and B*boy Hideboo
Label: EMI Music Australia

River Woman (2005)
Director: Michelle Mahrer
Cinematographer: Cordelia Beresford and Michelle Mahrer
Performers: Bernadette Walong, Narelle Benjamin, Brett Daffy and Kristina Chan

Potsdamer (2000)
Video: Samuel James
Choreography and performance: Martin del Amo

Arachne (2002)
Director: Matthew Bergan and Narelle Benjamin
Choreographer: Narelle Benjamin and Brett Daffy
Composer: Huey Benjamin
Performers: Narelle Benjamin, Brett Daffy, Russell Page
Sound designer: Huey Benjamin

The Fondue Set Presents the Lorraie Desmond Show (2006)
Director: Shane Carn
Choreographers and performers: Elizabeth Ryan, Jane McKernan, Emma Saunders
Cinematographer and editor: Shane Carn
Producers: Elizabeth Ryan, Jane McKernan, Emma Saunders
Composer: Al Franks and Nan Whitcomb

Shadow Play (2007)
Director: Madeleine Hetherton
Choreographer: Rowan Marchingo
Producer: Linda Micsko
Composer: Caitlin Yeo
Performers: Rinniya Johnson-Page, Kirk Page and Alexandra Harrison

Niche (2002)
Creator: Sue Healey
Composer: Darrin Verhagen
Performer: Shona Erskine
Director of Photography: Mark Pugh
Super 8 film projections: Louise Curham
Editor: Sam James

I Dream of Augustine (2005)
Devised and Directed by: Cordelia Beresford,
Choreographer and performer: Narelle Benjamin
Camera: Cordelia Beresford
Editor: Sally Fryer
Costume designer: Justine Seymour
Sound: Andrew Plain
Music: Hugh Benjamin
Producers: Cordelia Beresford, Joe Weatherstone

Girls Like That (1999)
Directors: Andrew Lancaster & David McCormack
Music: Custard
Choreographer: Lisa Ffrench
Dancers: Newtown Performing Arts High School students
Producer: Vincent Sheehan
Cinematographer: Max Davis
Editor: Roland Gallois


Katma (2023)
Director: Azzam Mohamed

Laeviter (2023)
Director: Prue Lang

Tiny Passenger (2023)
Director: Amber McCartney

Pivot <<movement II>> (2023)
Director: Cobie Orger

Sketchbook (2022)
Director: Rachel Owens

Banshee Cried Silver (2023)
Director: Harrison Ritchie-Jones

A Kiss (2021)
Director: Jacob Sutton
Featuring: Mr Kriss & Regina Bakeeva

Window (2023)
Words: A.Girl
Music: Mo Aung Choreography by Sela Vai
Commissioned by Powerhouse
Director: VERSUS (Tanya Babic & Jason Sukadana)
Featuring: A.Girl Sela Vai
Thanks to our location partners: Blacktown City Council, Blacktown Netball Courts and Plantbank Mt Annan
Special thanks to: Panavision Australia, Ayeesha Ash, Campbell Bickerstaff, Damian McDonald, Stella Palmer and Ramona Telecican

Goal (2023)
Director: Bear Damen
Choreography: Mathilde Gilhet in collaboration with the performers
Featuring: Simon Bus and Roy Overdijk
A very special thanks to: Young Marco, Cinesupply, Het Raam, Jacqueline Bourgeas, Isabelle Bals

Complex Beats (2021)
Director: Jacob Sutton
Featuring: Mr Kriss
Produced by Art Partner

Heavy (2022)
Music: Rainbow Chan
Director: Anita Lee
Producers: Anita Lee and Michaela Le
Choreographer: Amy Zhang
Cast: Rainbow Chan, Sho Yoneya, Amy Zhang and Jennifer Poon

Banqiao Rooftop, Still Space (2023)
Directed and performed by: Julius Hulshof
Shot by: Sun Chingyen
Music and sound: Margo Proxy
Graphics and title design: Dias Aubakirov
Edit: Julius Hulshof

Louis Vuitton – Virgil Abloh Tribute (2021)
Director: Jacob Sutton

Coming Home (2022)
Written & Directed by: Naim Naif & Margot Bowman
Produced by: Meghan Doherty
Production Company: Portal NY
Music Director: Gisela Fullà Silvestre
Featuring archive photography from The Palestinian Museum Digital Archive

ReelDance / Dance (Lens)

Founded in 2000 and running for over a decade until 2012, ReelDance was a groundbreaking festival of dance on screen. For Liveworks 2023, ReelDance’s founding Director, Erin Brannigan, returns with a curated program of films from the archive featuring the work of some of the most influential, Sydney-based independent choreographers, filmmakers and dancers. ReelDance is joined by Dancehouse's Dance (Lens), a curated program of new national and international films by Siobhan Murphy, Feras Shaheen and Gitta Wigro.
**Every Saturday and Sunday ReelDance / Dance (Lens) is closed from 3.30pm to 6.00pm for our LIVE FUTURES Talks Program**

Content Warnings: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following program may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

Ticketing: FREE

Explore the Room Sheet here.

Erin’s work on this program has been supported by the School of Arts and Media, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of NSW, particularly the Creative Practice Lab. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its principal arts investment and advisory body and is co-presented by The Keir Foundation for Liveworks 2023.

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