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Field Theory

Dates & Session Times

Wednesday 20 Oct - 5:00pm
Thursday 21 Oct - 5:00pm
Friday 22 Oct - 5:00pm
Saturday 23 Oct - 5:00pm




Field Theory: Jackson Castiglione, Martyn Coutts, Jason Mailing, Sarah Rodigari, Anna Schoo, Lara Thoms.

Sound: Del Lumanta

Creative Producer: Malcolm Whittaker.

Additional thanks to Ben Parangi and Samia Sayed from Twenty10.

All these insightful and moving audio works are now archived on the Field Theory website. Take a walk and fill your ears. 

LISTEN HERE - Public Speaking Archive

Public Speaking is a unique walking and listening experience, inviting you to look at your neighbourhood through different eyes. This inspiring series of audio broadcasts asks you to take a walk through the city whilst listening to conversations between Field Theory and a series of young people from the LGBTIQA+ community of Sydney. A different conversation will be broadcast on each afternoon of Liveworks, inviting listeners to walk with these young people as they playfully persuade, conflate and scramble their intimate intergenerational perceptions of what it means to be young, queer and vulnerable in the City of Sydney.

This walking-whilst-listening-party serves as a prelude to a new work by Field Theory that will be presented by Performance Space in 2022.

Public Speaking. Featuring: Adam, Tyler, Ren, Mina and Kaisha. 


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