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Other Tempo - Lauren Brincat

Lauren Brincat, 'Other Tempo'. Image: Romello Pereira. (1)
Lauren Brincat, 'Other Tempo'. Image: Romello Pereira.

Dates & Session Times

Thursday 17 Oct - 7:00pm
Saturday 19 Oct - 11:00am
Saturday 19 Oct - 6:30pm
Sunday 20 Oct - 4:00pm
Wednesday 23 Oct - 6:00pm
Saturday 26 Oct - 11:00am
Saturday 26 Oct - 6:00pm
Sunday 27 Oct - 5:00pm


Public Space at Carriageworks, 
245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh


Lauren Brincat

Megan Alice Clune

Holly Conner
Alyx Dennison
Niki Johnson
Yvonne C. Lam
Lindy Morrison
Bonnie Stewart

Design and fabrication
George Buchanan
Leah Giblin
Samual Szwarcbord

Beatrice Gralton, Carriageworks (Head Curator - Visual Art)
Jeff Khan, Performance Space (Artistic Director)

World Premiere

The Other Tempo installation is open daily from 10am. There are eight performances across the festival - see session times in the orange box. 

Other Tempo’ is a live sculpture.

A coloured score drapes, dances and reveals an assembly of performance instruments, where sharp notes are highlighted against the skins.
The music speaks to history and memory, played until a complete cycle has been heard.
This score moves in phases. The music warms up, warms down by dancing.
Other Tempo challenges the way we hear, see and think about sound and feminist performance.

The piece invites you to experience with the whole body: the modified environment with careful colour and sound design stimulates a visceral experience within the architecture.

The installation of Other Tempo can be viewed from 10am-10pm throughout the festival with the exception of Monday and Tuesday when it closes at 6pm. 

This is a free event, no bookings required.


Dive deeper...

Join Lauren Brincat and fellow Liveworks artists Gail Priest and Alex Murray-Leslie (Chicks on Speed) in conversation with Clare Cooper as they discuss their research interests, artistic practices, and what it means to create collaborative work that spans sound, installation and performance.

Other Tempo was commissioned by Carriageworks and Performance Space, with support from the Australia Council for the Arts.

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