LIVE DREAMS: WONDER. Image by Sophie Penkethman-Young.
LIVE DREAMS: WONDER. Image by Sophie Penkethman-Young.

Dates & Session Times

Sunday 25 Oct - 4:28pm


Performance Space


Performance Space

Works that seek to imagine the world anew, seek beauty in the everyday, or find hope in unlikely places.

Duration 2 hours

Artists & Project Titles 

Fahmi Mursyid
Sonic Biocommunication of Plants
An analysis and investigation of experimental sound from plants play on a synthesizer in real time with a midi biodata sonification device. Inspired by plant perception and ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ (book, 1973).

Bron Batten and Gary Abrahams
Helpline is a new participatory live-art work, performed over the phone for one audience member at a time. Award-winning artists Bron Batten and Gary Abrahams explore notions of intimacy, wellness and care by attempting to connect in the era of distance.

Victoria Hunt, Moe Clark and James Brown
WHAEA is the beginning of a new work which ignites ancestral futures, reclaiming knowledge + kinship.

Tully Arnot
Nondual is a Virtual Reality immersive soundscape which explores thresholds between self and non-self, through the lens of aggregate or Supraorganisms and the Holobiont. In collaboration with scientists and philosophers, the work looks at modalities of collective cognition, such as ways in which Slime Molds adopt forms of ‘consciousness’ that exist only outside of the individual. Further thresholds of online/IRL, waking/dreaming, human/post-human are used to explore slippages of perception and representation.

Solomon Frank and Niki Johnson
Throat Pleats imagines a reality (or future) where they exist in a state between human and animal, harnessing the cultural objects of the audiences’ reality (or their past); clarinets, percussion instruments, vacuum cleaners and garden hoses, to express their carnal, animalistic compulsions. The work presents this alternate existence where musical values have shifted, art music has been reframed as an immediate emotive reaction to intimate physical relationships.

Live Dreams is a new series of curated events for our 2020 Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, in which artists present their works- and-ideas-in-progress to test them with live audiences, receive feedback and discuss their next steps.

This year, the creative development of experimental work in familiar physical spaces - rehearsal rooms, studios, theatres, and via travel and residencies—has necessarily ceased. Performance Space is striving to support artists to continue creatively developing their work and honing their practice, often in inventive and resourceful new ways.

COVID-19; Keeping Everybody Safe
We are implementing comprehensive COVID-19 safety measures in line with current government directives, in order to create a safe and enjoyable festival experience for everyone. Please make sure you read our COVID-19 Safety steps before you join us at Carriageworks.

Respect Your Reservation
With minimum capacities in venues this year, we ask that you Respect Your Reservation and the amazing artists and creatives performing, regardless of cost. If you’re feeling unwell or can no longer join us, please let us know by 10am the day of the show so we can offer your seat to someone else. Please see our returns and exchanges policy for more details.

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