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Liquid Architecture at Liveworks, 2019. Photograph by Joseph Mayers.
Liquid Architecture at Liveworks, 2019. Photograph by Joseph Mayers.

In this chaotic and cataclysmic year, it seems like direct action by ordinary citizens is increasingly necessary to push for change across the breadth of our civic society. This year’s Liveworks festival is host to a number of works that ask us as audience members to engage in the shaping of our present and our future. These projects re-imagine what it looks like to gather creatively under restrictions that differ worldwide.

This October, the following works will celebrate everyday acts of imagination and activism that enable us to create alternative futures, empowering each of us to take action:

pvi collective: tiny revolutions

see your epic problem turn into a revolution 

We are thrilled to welcome inimitable experimental art powerhouses pvi collective to Liveworks. Their work tiny revolutions is a performative project that responds to the current global feeling of helplessness by offering a creative response.

This crack team of interventionists will select from your submissions to form the basis of their THINK sessions during Liveworks - see your epic problem turned into a tiny revolution by artists, activists and experts!

Submit your epic problem to pvi collective here

nganggurnmanha : sound dust

get out into nature and record some sound for this installation

nganggurnmanha : sound dust is a collaboration between Yamaji Wajarri, Dutch and English artist Nicole Monks and Sydney-based collective Make or Break (Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo). nganggurnmanha means ‘listening, hearing, thinking, remembering’ in Wajarri language.

Drawing from a library of ‘sound dust’ fragments sourced from participants around Australia and the world, nganggurnmanha : sound dust is a responsive installation where the viewer’s movement and presence influences how the work unfolds.

Submit your sound dust to become part of this work!


join the artists to create the dance of a new religion

In hysterical, beautiful rebuke to climate denialism, complacency and cowardly leadership, this evolving work calls on collective wisdom and spirit to create a new religion. In CREATION: The Dance, award-winning choreographer Angela Goh has heard the call. Over five days, join Angela and Deborah in building a liturgical dance from the ground up, culminating in a public display of devotion.

CREATION is being developed around Australia with writers, storytellers, visual artists, musicians and ritual-makers, through the co-creation of songs, manifesto, costumes, moving image works, parables, iconography, ceremonial dance, mysteries, rituals and believers.

This is your chance to be part of this landmark project… contribute to the creation of CREATION!

Apply here with your interest in attending this 5 day workshop

Medicament For Your Predicament OPEN LAB! 

mix up a curative potent potion in your kitchen

Medicament For Your Predicament is an experimental pharmacy offering new approaches to collective and mutual care for our complicated times. Join artist Cat Jones to create homespun solutions to your personal and political ailments, however big or small they might be.

Get hands-on in the OPEN LAB! workshops from the comfort of your own home. In an intimate 3.5-hour workshop, Cat will beam into your kitchen and guide you through a series of activities to diagnose the issues that have you most ill at ease. Collectively, you will then create a medicament—using ingredients from your kitchen and a special package of materials sent to you by the artist—that will empower you to take it on.

Book your place in the OPEN LAB! here


join the discussion in creating alternative futures 

LIVE FUTURES will take shape as a series of public conversations and special events that explore the role of art and artists in defining the new civic life we are entering in this year of disruption and change. The LIVE FUTURES program celebrates the insight of artists, as thought leaders and critical players in the new social, cultural and economic paradigms that are being built or renewed in the wake of the pandemic, the protests, the social upheaval and transformation we are experiencing.

The LIVE FUTURES conversations will complement the voices of artists with those of academics, health professionals, and experts from other disciplines in order to dive deeply into the possibilities of our future world.

We also need your voices at our panels to help discuss what kind of world we are moving into, what kind of world we want to create, and how the role of art will help us get there. Join us! 
All Live Futures events excepting Brian Fuata's keynote are free to attend at Carriageworks or to stream online: 

LIVE FUTURES: Why Risk Gathering 
LIVE FUTURES: Caring for Always  
LIVE FUTURES: The Future of Work 
LIVE FUTURES: Future Care // Future Intimacy
LIVE FUTURES: Imagined Theatres Publication Launch 

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