5 talks on art to listen to now!

jamaica moana
Jamaica Moana at LIVE DREAMS: RECLAIM (2020)

Navigating a world of infinite content and podcasts can make it hard to know what is worth listening to. But never fear! We have compiled a list of some inspiring and thoughtful talks on art that you can listen to now!

Helen Marriage: Public art that turns cities into playgrounds of the imagination

In 2018, visual artist Helen Marriage delivered a compelling Ted talk about how she transformed three cities into playgrounds of the imagination. Marriage’s astounding large-scale public art events invite people to stop, marvel, and experience a moment together. In a time where we are all releasing the significance of shared experience, this talk is a beautiful reminder of what we have to look forward to.  




Art After Hours Online: Betty Grumble and Queenie Bon Bon in conversation with Yumi Stynes

Performance artists Betty Grumble and Queenie Bon Bon join Yumi Stynes in a discussion exploring politics of the body and sexuality in art. Referencing the Pat Larter exhibition AGNSW held late last year, the trio consider the sensual and the erotic, the permissable and the taboo, pleasure and pain. Both fun and intellectually stimulating, this conversation is certainly one to check out.



Artist Talk: One Work with Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller | MoMA LIVE

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller have an in-depth conversation about a striking and terrifying piece of work, The Killing Machine (2007). The Killing Machine is a complex automated ballet of robotics, props, light, and sound operating on an unseen, imagined victim. Cardiff and Miller explore the inception and development of their most notable work and how it was inspired by one of Kafka’s short stories.




Performance Art in Southeast Asia – Keynote Lecture : Nora Taylor

Nora Taylor explores performance art as a mode of remembrance and history. In this keynote lecture, Taylor discusses a living archive of art and challenges what an archive is. Performance art constantly struggles against modes of conservation given its ephemeral nature, its live-ness. Taylor examines 3 artists from Southeast Asia that critically examine History in their work, and how they call upon us viewers to think critically about the historical process. 




Delving Into Dance: Luke George

Delving Into Dance has countless podcast episodes ready to be devoured, and the Luke George episode is no different. He explains his art and process, revealing at the core of his work an exploration of “intimacy and empathy, and how do we share a space?”. But an intimacy between whom? George examines how people be with each other in a thoughtful and compelling way. 


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