5 experimental arts organisations you should get behind

Justin Shoulder
Aeon, Justin Shoulder, image by Heidrun Lohr, Liveworks 2020

Finding new artists and artworks to fan-girl over can be hard. But, there are so many amazing curators and arts organisations that can make this search a little easier! Here are 5 experimental arts organisations you should get behind now:

Performance Space New York 

Performance Space New York is the birthplace of contemporary performance as it is known today. Founded in 1980 when a group of artists took over an abandoned public school, Performance Space has since played an important role in the careers of many artists such as Penny Arcade, Ron Athey, Ethyl Eichelberger, Karen Finley, Spalding Gray, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Holly Hughes, John Kelly, John Leguizamo, Tim Miller, and Carmelita Tropicana. 

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Performing Lines

Located just around the corner in Redfern, Performing Lines curate work propelled by pressing questions and new ways of seeing the world. Performing Lines champion risk while representing and celebrating work that explores the plurality of Australian creatives. Representing artists such as Amrita Hepi and Betty Grumble, Performing Lines are constantly producing new and exciting work.

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Kinosaki International Arts Center

Kinosaki International Arts Center (KIAC) is an Artist-in-Residence center focused on performing arts. The center has a main hall, six studios, and seven residences. It offers residencies and facilities for artists who wish to concentrate on their creative activities as well as to present their works. Artists can stay in resident from 3 days to 3 months, allowing them to develop and present their work. 

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Next Wave 

Next Wave produces unparalleled learning programs and a biennial festival which reflect a commitment to social and cultural diversity, environmental sustainability and inclusion. Based in Melbourne, New Wave showcases with young and emerging artists working across a broad and diverse range of art forms. 

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Perth Institute of Contemporary Art 

Housed in a large and striking heritage building in the heart of Perth, PICA is both a producing and presenting institution. PICA runs a year round program of changing exhibitions, seasons in contemporary dance, theatre and performance and a range of interdisciplinary projects. PICA is an icon of contemporary thinking – it is a catalyst for innovative and ground breaking art and culture. Not constrained by convention, PICA gives artists and audiences a glimpse of what is possible.

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