Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art 2021

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Dates & Session Times

Wednesday 20 Oct - 2:00pm
Thursday 21 Oct - 10:00am
Friday 22 Oct - 2:00pm
Saturday 23 Oct - 9:30am
Sunday 24 Oct - 2:00pm



Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art is your place to experience an extraordinary selection of inspiring new work by acclaimed artists from Australia and the Asia Pacific. As well as timely and nuanced at-led conversations and a glimpse into the future of experimental art. 

In its 7th year, Performance Space has established Liveworks as a leading experimental arts festival presenting innovative work from Australia and the Asia Pacific. Valued by local, national and international industry and audiences. 

Across 5 days our award-winning festival spans a program of performances, installations, parties, workshops and conversations. We are delighted to be able to bring you a program that will take place both back at our home at Carriageworks (as the situation allows), and in the digital realm. At a critical moment in our local and global history, Liveworks 2021 will enliven your digital screens and the halls of Carriageworks once more.

The Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art 2021 imagines the new social and cultural possibilities we might instate as our world continues to adapt and transform. As we reckon with the continuing instability of our current moment, the artists and works of Liveworks begin to envision what’s next: amidst all of the flux and upheaval, what opportunities do we have to reconnect with each other, rediscover pleasure and create more equitable and sustainable social structures?

Expanding on our radical transformation of the festival last year, Liveworks 2021 brings together an extraordinary span of Australian, Asia Pacific and First Nations artists to create enthralling encounters across physical and digital realms. These works invite us to reset our terms of engagement with the world and offer us space to imagine something new.

Through the Liveworks Festival we are committed to finding new ways to gather and experience art that affirms our capacity for renewal, wonder and transformation.

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