Donate to Create this EOFY

Donate to Create this EOFY
Victoria Hunt, Tangiwai: The Cry of Water, Liveworks 2015. Photographed by Alex Davies.

Dates & Session Times

Sunday 30 Jun - 11:59pm


Liveworks will be returning this October, the 10th annual edition of our beloved festival dedicated to sharing and celebrating the best in risk-taking and experimental art and performance from Australia and across the Asia Pacific!  

But Liveworks isn't just a festival; it's a community of passionate individuals who believe in the transformative power of art. We would like to invite you to continue being part of this vibrant and essential community. Your support has fueled our journey, and with your help, we can continue pushing boundaries and nurturing creativity for years to come.  

Since its inception way back in 2008, Liveworks festival has been a place to engage with the most interesting new ideas and cutting edge work, a playground of innovation for both artists and audiences alike. 

In this EOFY month, we welcome you to join us for a journey through some stories of Liveworks past including some of our PSpace family sharing their own Liveworks memories. We need your support to keep Liveworks thriving now and into the future. With your help, we can:

  • Support artists to present large scale bold new experimental work
  • Cultivate a community of adventurous art lovers 
  • Spark meaningful conversations across communities and generations, challenge perceptions, and inspire change 

How You Can Help:

It's simple—by donating to Performance Space, you become a catalyst for creativity and a member of our vibrant community. And don't worry - whether big or small, every contribution makes a difference and helps us keep Liveworks thriving into the future.

How Can You Donate:

However you like! And you can decide to give annually, monthly or as a one off donation, it all contributes to ensure that Performance Space remains the home of experimental practice for years to come! Even $10 per month will still enable us to accomplish a great deal.

What Can You Expect:

  • VIP access to special Liveworks events
  • Exclusive invitations to yearly events and artist meets
  • Being an active member of an engaged and dedicated community of arts enthusiasts
  • Recognition on our website and promotional materials (if you wish so)

Whether big or small, every contribution makes a difference and helps us keep Liveworks thriving into the future. 

Fuel the Future of Liveworks,

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