Collecting your sound dust

Call Out | nganggurnmanha : sound dust

Sounddust Callout Image Photo By Elisa Marigold. Small


Dates & Session Times

Friday 17 Jul
Thursday 13 Aug



Liveworks 2020 is shaping up to be something special. We are excited to announce our first commissioned work nganggurnmanha : sound dust. A collaboration between Nicole Monks and Make Or Break

To create the work in its fullest form the artists are requesting a sound from you.

See below for instructions on how to make a contribution to this work and head to to submit your contribution. 

nganggurnmanha : sound dust

sound dust is an accumulation of listening, time and awareness
we are asking you to move with us through a ritual of gathering.

collecting your ‘sound dust’

be outside
feel the sky; the earth.

take off your shoes.

be still ________ what do you notice?
sit down _________ what do you hear?
move around ______ what draws your attention?


let your body remember; it is air, earth, texture.
record* your breath.

listen back

what did your body sense that your ears didn’t?
what did your phone hear that you didn't see?

based on this awareness, find what draws your attention and listen deeply.

tap into a rhythm.
scratch out a texture.
echo a forgotten voice.

now record a sound generated between you and the world.

listen back

1 send us a recording (up to 5 minutes) using your smartphone* - no need to edit
2 name your file with a description, a location, or a timestamp
3 send your sound dust to us on insta @nganggurnmanhasounddust or at

nganggurnmanha means ‘listening, hearing, thinking, remembering’ in Wajarri language.


  • Most smartphones have an app called Voice Memos or Recorder that you can use; otherwise just record a video and listen back with your eyes closed.

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