An Afternoon with Performance Space

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Cherine Fahd
Julie-Anne Long
Ivey Wawn

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Saturday 4 Dec - 3:00pm




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An Afternoon with Performance Space

Saturday Dec 4 // 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Sydney has opened up and we couldn't be more excited to share some new experimental art with our wonderful community in person. Join us for Julie-Anne Long’s Tea with Queenie, Ivey Wawn’s In Perpetuity, and Cherine Fahd’s Ecdysis. Roam between the shows with a drink from the bar and catch up with fellow art-lovers. 


Tea with Queenie
Julie Anne Long

Take tea with Queenie, the undignified dignitary making a special guest appearance at Carriageworks on the first Saturday of December. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet one of Julie-Anne Long’s Invisiblist personas up close, sharing this very special afternoon tea service after her larger unentitled project captivated audiences at this year's Liveworks.
The Invisiblists are women of a certain age whose invisibility in the eyes of society-at-large is both a curse and a superpower. Creating subtle magic, awkward moments and fleeting encounters, they invite us to question the way we think about ourselves and the people around us.

50% visual content 
Wheelchair accessible 

In Perpetuity
Ivey Wawn

In this iteration of In Perpetuity, tuning into the heartbeat, the breath rhythm, the memory rhythm and the proportions of the body as a rhythmic system are the drivers for entering into dancing. Casually, the dancers hang in the foyer at Carriageworks moving through real and imagined territories from now, and just before now, and much before that.

Access: 75% visual content
Wheelchair accessible 

Cherine Fahd
Multi-channel video installation 

Ecdysis is a scientific term describing the process by which reptiles shed their skin to allow for new growth. Cherine Fahd’s video installation brings together forty-four monumental video portraits of women of different ages and walks of life, engaged in an act of struggle and surrender with the artist. Luminously projected in a darkened space, the shedding of skin suggested by these portraits raises tensions between control and release, bringing us to the precipice of transformation. Each subject’s performance tells a different story spanning resistance and acceptance, tenderness and strength, authority and vulnerability. 

100% visual content 
Wheelchair accessible 


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