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WORKSHOP: Gail Priest & Thomas Burless - Vibraphonics

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Thomas Burless
Gail Priest

Dates & Session Times

Friday 25 Oct - 1:00pm


245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh


Led by sound artist Gail Priest and designer Thomas Burless this workshop will reveal some of the processes and research they explored while creating the performance installation A continuous self-vibrating region of intensities. Offering ear-opening and hands-on experiences the workshop will explore some of the physical properties of acoustic and amplified sound by conducting non-empirical experiments into manifesting sound visually and tangibly. Participants are invited to bring acoustic (voice or instrument) or some digital sample material of their own to play with in conjunction with a number of kinetic installation objects. Open to all levels of experiences: curiosity is the only pre-requisite. 


Duration: 120 minutes


Performance Space (website dev copy)

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