Why Risk Gathering? Image by Liz Ham.
Live Futures: Why Risk Gathering? Image by Liz Ham.

Dates & Session Times

Friday 23 Oct - 1:00pm


Wesley Enoch

LIVE FUTURES will take shape as a series of public conversations and special events that explore the role of art and artists in defining the new civic life we are entering in this year of disruption and change. The LIVE FUTURES platform celebrates the insight of artists, as thought leaders and critical players in the new social, cultural and economic paradigms that are being built or renewed in the wake of the pandemic, the protests, the social upheaval and transformation we are experiencing. 

What kind of world are we moving into? What kind of world do we want to create? And what is the role of art in getting us there? The LIVE FUTURES conversations will complement the voices of artists with those of academics, health professionals, and experts from other disciplines in order to dive deeply into the possibilities of our future world.

Moderator: Wesley Enoch
Aunty Beryl Van-Oploo, Ayebatonye Abrakasa, Chloë Dallimore, Jonny Hawkins

Gatherings have become the contested agent of the COVID pandemic, a site of uncertainty and panic around safety and agency.

The pandemic crisis, and the BLM protests, have emphasised how gatherings of people have a key function in shaping our sense of social, political, cultural and health norms. At a personal level, what does it mean to not be able to gather together to share food? To dance? To touch and make physical contact with each other?
What kinds of new social and political structures are being imagined by artists and the gatherings they create? What new possibilities are opening up and how do artists help us to imagine alternative futures? What risks are we taking by gathering? What risks are we taking by not gathering?

Duration 2 hours

This session is available to stream at LIVE ON-THE-LINE! Book your place here. 

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