LIVE FUTURES: The Inheritance of the Future - LIVE ON-THE-LINE

LIVE FUTURES The Heritage Of The Future Credit Liz Ham
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Clothilde Bullen

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Sunday 24 Oct - 2:00pm




Curated by Clothilde Bullen

LIVE FUTURES: The Inheritance of the Future - LIVE ON-THE-LINE

Clothilde Bullen


Bequest technologies—such as keeping places—and other forms of direct action, offer a range of options by and for First Nations peoples to support critically important opportunities for cultural continuity. The increasingly escalated destruction of natural environments, within which First Nations cultural knowledge is embedded, requires us to urgently re-think how these knowledges are retained if access to Country is denied.  

Within urban environments, different technologies must be embedded that support access to disrupted custodianship of Country, in order to create new economic, ideological and social understandings of the place of First Nations peoples. Guests in this conversation will offer the audience a variety of understandings of—and challenges to—accepted connections and histories, and a glimpse of what the new normal could be. 

Duration: 2 hours 

This event will be available on-demand until Midnight Sunday 31st Oct 2021. Purchase a ticket to access the password for this event.

Marianne Nicolson
Jazz Money
Latai Taumoepeau

LIVE FUTURES is a series of curated public conversations that explore the pivotal role of artists in defining the new civic life we are entering, in a sustained period of disruption and change.

The LIVE FUTURES platform celebrates the insight of artists, as thought leaders and critical players in the new social, cultural, and economic paradigms that are being built and renewed in the wake of the pandemic and other global events. Accessible to national and global audiences, LIVE FUTURES will complement the voices of artists with those of specialists from other disciplines in order to dive deeply into the possibilities of our future world.

All LIVE FUTURES events will be live streamed on Vimeo, and embedded on our website. All the events in the LIVE FUTURES Series will be available on demand for 7 days after they air, through our digital experimental art channel LIVE ON-THE-LINE.

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