Sydney’s Top Plant Stores to find your newest art companion

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Whether you want to join in on Hundreds + Thousands (Multi-City): Germination Workshops but don’t have a green friend, or are looking to expand your plant family, we have Sydney’s top plant stores to order from today! 

Germination, a series of workshops, a small art movement, enlists the participation of plants as collaborators, mediators and audience. Through this online workshop series you will join artists Luke George (Australia) and Daniel Kok (Singapore) to devise a series of collaborations, performances and happenings with your own chosen plant companions.

The Germination Workshops engage people from different walks of life - regardless of age, ethnicity, sexualities, backgrounds or occupations - in Sydney, Hong Kong and Perth. With a series of online meetings and simple individual activities, leading to public activities and performance presentations guided by the artists. In this process, people and plants interact to rediscover the complex relationships that we share in our living environments. 

But let’s get down to business; Expanding your plant family.


Plant Daddy, Newtown

Plant Daddy celebrates the indoor plant, plus they specialise in plant styling, and sell a range of pots, accessories and a variety of plant-care products. On their website, Plant Daddy shares blog posts with tips and tricks about plant purchasing and care, so it really is a one-stop-shop.  


Plant Girl, Marickville 

Plant Girl offers same-day delivery, so they’re perfect for your daily dose of online-shopping-seratonin. They specialise in low-maintenance, hard-to-kill plants with a wide selection of beautiful greenery to choose from, as well as gorgeous ceramic pots to house them in. 


Sydney Wildflower Nursery, Heathcote

Sydney Wildflower Nursery are experts in Australian native plants. They also offer a variety of services including design assistance, garden consultations and regular workshops on plants, native bees, pruning and more. 


The Plant Society, Paddington 

With outposts in Melbourne and Sydney, The Plant Society offers a range of indoor and house plants, homegoods, planters, plant care and assistance on commercial design projects. 


Eden Gardens, Macquarie Park 

With an expansive indoor and outdoor selection of plants, Eden Gardens is a beautiful store to visit (when you can), however they also offer delivery services. Through horticulture and education, Eden Gardens actively engage with the community and charities. 


The Jungle Collective

You’ve probably seen these guys appear on your Facebook timeline. The Jungle Collective are a pop-up collective who seem to show up everywhere with their huge warehouse plant sales. ATM you can buy from them online - choose from hundreds of indoor plants, from the very popular to the very rare. 


Once you’ve found your perfect art companion, why not join in on Hundreds + Thousands (Multi-City): Germination Workshops ?

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