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Sophie Dumaresq, Bedtime Stories For Tired Bots, LIVE DREAMS: JESTER

Vivid Sydney is back in all her glory, and while the lineup is amazing, it is also overwhelmingly large (which is obviously a good thing). But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with PSpace’s Top Picks for Vivid ‘22. 

Sampa the Great presents An Afro Future
Sydney Opera House
27 & 28 May
$39 - $79

Highly anticipated, Sampa the Great presents An Afro Future with special guests Mwanjé, KYE and sounds by C.FRIM is set to be an incredible night celebrating hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz and Afrobeat. If you’ve had the pleasure of watching Sampa’s Tiny Desk Concert, or caught her performance at the 2020 ARIAs, you simply know this performance is not to be missed! 


What the Arts Did Next
2 June

This visionary session explores the changing conditions for arts and creativity, new social and community roles for the arts, and recent innovations in digital engagement. Join leading interdisciplinary panellists to hear how creative practitioners are adapting their own roles and futures in a constantly changing world, and can forge relationships through which their work can be sustained. 


Northern Voices: Asian Short Film Festival
Palace Central Cinema
2 June

Northern Voices brings together an eclectic mix of short films, including works by established Asian filmmakers as well as student work from esteemed institutions such as the China Academy of Art and Tokyo University of the Arts. Watch more than 15 micro-short films made by Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Syrian, Hong Kong and South Korean filmmakers. All are under ten minutes long and most have never been seen in Australia before. 


Soft Centre
4 June

Whether you're an annual Soft Centre attendee, or have never heard of the thing, you’ve probably seen the incredible event artwork floating around your social feed. Featuring an expansive program of creators from the local and global underground, Soft Centre brings their experimental sound, live A/V performance and installations to Carriageworks for a one-day festival of boundary-pushing art and music.


Ballroom & The West Ball: Powerhouse Late x Vivid Ideas
9 June

Expect all the stops to be pulled out as PSpace faves Jamaica Moana and Father Xander Silky bring the essence of ballroom to the Powerhouse. This evening merges Western Sydney culture with guerrilla performances, live music, voguing workshops, interviews with living legends and extravagant gowns and costumes.


Carriageworks and online
9-11 June

Of course, we can’t talk about Vivid without mentioning our very own LIVE DREAMS. Discover the future of experimental art – from across Australia and the Asia Pacific – over three curated evenings of performance: DISTANCE, JESTER, and THRESHOLD. See artists present their ideas-in-progress and get a glimpse into current developments in experimental art and engage in a conversation about their next steps.


I’m Not Racist, But…
11 June

This fun session is part game show – think Hard Quiz-style trivia meets Bingo – and part comedic debate with music and poetry mixed in for good measure. The challenge to prove yourself as 'not a racist' may be just a little bit unsettling, but this is a safe space for all. Your hosts and the panel of contestants includes eminent First Nations podcasters, comedians, entertainers, and cultural icons! Expect prizes, laughs and learning. 

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