Imagining Futures with pvi collective



Artists have always been in the business of imagining futures. 

Over the month of June we're speaking to 5 artists or collectives about the futures they're imagining through their art. What does your future look like? 


"We want to make the future more hopepunk[1] – radical positive resistance is the lens we need to be leaning into. It’s a worldview that argues that the fight to build equitable, progressive, sustainable social systems is a fight worth having. It’s a future that champions kindness, embraces creativity, respects difference and prioritises First Nations voices at the heart of it all. Hopepunk is a call to arms for us to imagine better, in order to do better. That’s our challenge and we are willing it to life through our work.

We see a radical shift in the function of art in society, one that elevates the contribution of artists and seeks to reposition their role within a wider social context. We see governments recognising the possibilities of these alternative perspectives in the workplace and eagerly funding an expansive program of unlimited 3-year-long fellowships. These fellowships embed artists into non-art environments in a triple role of lateral thinker, creative consultant and artwork maker. In all government and commerce environments; from your local Coles supermarket, to your Bendigo Bank and your favourite tavern, there is an artist busy working there.

Art is everywhere and accessible.


[1] hopepunk is a literary term from social sci-fi created with the intention to counter the dominant popularity of dystopian fiction. it stands for positive resistance and hanging onto our humanity at all costs."

- pvi collective

Image credit: blackmarket, presented by Performance Space 2015, pictured Julie Vulcan (performer) and Erica (audience). Photographer: James Brown

In 2021 we look towards:

  • Commissioning a major First Nations-led project for our 2021 Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art. The future is First Nations.

  • Expanding our new digital presentation platform to bring you more experimental work by Asia Pacific artists – even when our borders remain closed. The future is connected.

  • Keeping artistic process thriving with at least 10 artist residencies and lab opportunities. The future is experimental.


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