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**Applications for LIVE DREAMS June have now closed and we will be notifying successful applicants in the coming weeks**

Performance Space’s LIVE DREAMS is a platform for artists to share works-in-progress and ideas in development in a dynamic and responsive environment. LIVE DREAMS takes place both in-theatre at Carriageworks and digitally via our live streaming channel, Live On The Line. This platform offers us an exciting glimpse into current developments in experimental art, creating a crucible for experimentation and conversation.

This June, Performance Space will hold a special edition of LIVE DREAMS, inviting artists to present works-in-progress that imagine radical futures. Our three guest curators—Talia Smith, Joel Bray and Victoria Spence—have themed each stream with a powerful forward-looking provocation, inviting us to interrogate the role of art in shaping and reshaping our collective future in an ever-shifting world. What agendas do we want to advance and how might art dispel myths, illuminate concerns or provoke radical visions? 


We are calling for proposals from artists across Australia and the Asia Pacific who wish to present a new experimental work they are currently developing.

There are three curated streams of LIVE DREAMS: 

DISTANCE (9th June 2022)
Curated by Talia Smith

The distance between one point and another, between each other, between homes, between sadness and happiness. Works that explore notions of how distance keeps us apart but can also bring us together. 

JESTER (10th June 2022)
Curated by Joel Bray
Honouring the ancient tradition of the court jester, speaking truth to power by acting the fool

THRESHOLD (11th June 2022)

Curated by Victoria Spence
Works that consider arrival, passing through and beginning anew. Works that meet the 'what if' and 'if only' questions that may bring us to the end of what we know.

What’s on offer? 

Performance Space will provide: 

  • An opportunity for you to present your work-in-progress to a live and industry audience
  • $300 AUD fee for presenting your work as part of LIVE DREAMS
  • A space equipped with some sound and lighting infrastructure, with a full technical inventory provided to successful applicants.

Digital or In-Theatre presentation

You have two options for presenting your work:

  • If you are in Sydney you can present your work in-person in Carriageworks’ Bay 20, or
  • You can live stream your performance from anywhere in the world

Both options receive producing and technical support from the Performance Space team.

What outcomes does Performance Space expect? 

Participants will be required to present a work-in-progress showing in a format representative of their practice (performance, talk, audio, screening) for a duration of up to 10 minutes as part of Live Dreams, held at Carriageworks.

Participants will also be expected to attend a 60 minute in-the-room or digital rehearsal (for interstate and international presenters) on either 7th June or 8th June 2022


7 March 2022 EOIs open 

4 April 2022 5pm EOIs close

8 April 2022 successful applicants notified

Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th June Rehearsals 

9-11 June 2022 – Live Dreams presentations

How do I apply? 

If you’re interested in applying, you will need to fill out the short form accessible through the APPLY HERE button on our website, by 5pm 4 April 2022. We ask that you provide us with the following: 

  1. Outline your performance practice, experience and interests (up to 250 words) 
  2. Outline what you would like to present as a work-in-progress showing for LIVE DREAMS. Include concept, form and technical requirements (up to 250 words) 
  3. Personal details
  4. CV to attach 

Support material – website, video links, images, writing samples. Please include 1 – 2 sentences per support material outlining what the work is, when/where it happened, what the context was. Our preference for support material is one single PDF with captions.

Please note that the following limits apply to support material: 

No more than 10 images

No more than 3 x 1-minute video excerpts 

No more than 3 x 1-minute audio samples

No more than 1-page of writing 

Applicants will be notified by 5PM 8 April on the outcome of their application. 


At Performance Space we prioritise diverse perspectives and voices. We especially encourage submissions – for all three LIVE DREAMS themes - from First Nations artists, artists of colour, culturally diverse artists, women, LGBTQIA+ artists, and artists living with disability. Please let us know if you would prefer to apply in a different format or if there is any barrier for you in the submission process. And please note that additional support to assist with access requirements is possible within our programs - get in touch to find out more.

Curatorial Panel

The curatorial panel comprises the Performance Space Programming team and guest curators Joel Bray, Talia Smith and Victoria Spence.

Am I eligible to apply?

  • Australian artists can be based anywhere in the world
  • Asia Pacific artists are those who self-identify as an Asia Pacific artist
  • This program is for artists with experimental and interdisciplinary practices


Need anything else clarified?

Feel free to get in touch with us.

Shoot us throw an email and we'll endeavour to answer your questions within 2 business days. 




LIVE DREAMS // Liveworks 2020


Fahmi Mursyid
Bron Batten and Gary Abrahams
Victoria Hunt
Tully Arnot
Solomon Frank and Niki Johnson


Samuel Withers
Jazz Money
Rowan Savage
Nadeena Dixon


Katie Sfetkidis
Nikki Heywood, Mark Cauvin and Heidrun Lohr
Natasha Tontey
Callum Mooney
Kieran Bryant


Marcus Whale
Bianca Willoughby, Andrea Barett and Amy Claire Mills (Creative Hybrids Lab) 
Jee Chan
Sarah Aiken
Kerith Manderson-Galvin
Rhiannon Newton


Luke George
Daley Rangi
Julie-Anne Long
Kate Hunter
Sally Sussman
Val Lee



Maissa Alameddine
Gabriella Imrichova
Jennifer Greer Holmes
Bianca River Moon
Bunny Cadag
Janie Gibson


Jamaica Moana
Shana O’Brien
James Hazel
AñA Wojak & Cloudbeard
Too Close to the Sun
Elysa Wendi and Rhiannon Newton

  • REVEL:

Ryuichi Fujimura
Ande Cunningham
Deden Bulqini, Sandra Fiona Long and Heliana Sinaga
Sophie Penkethman-Young
Dyan Tai
Gary Carsley

LIVE DREAMS // Liveworks 2021


Forest V Kapo
Marc Conaco
Arjunan Puveendran
Raina Peterson
Morgan Hogg
Amit Noy
Jahra Wasala and Ooschon Masseurs 


Jonny Seymour
Sēini Taumoepeau
Sela Vai
Luke John Campbell
Darlane Litaay
Amy Zhang, Billy Keohavong, Jeremy Santos and Reina Takeuchi


Rakini Devi and Karl Ockelford
Grace Marlow
Luna Mrozik Gawler 
Chung Nguyenand Julia Santoli
Joana Chicau and Renick Bell
Maria Judova 


Mrs Tan
Jay Gardener, George Wohlfiel and Jeff McCann 
Jenny Brown
Too Close to the Sun
Sally Craven
Pat Toh
Angus McGrath


Roslyn Orlando
Kate McGuinness
MindsEye Collective
Yudai Kamisato
Yuta Hagiwara
Jarunun "Jaa" Phantachat

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