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LIVE DREAMS: DISTANCE - Credit: Natsuko Yonezawa


Talia Smith

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Thursday 9 Jun - 7:00pm
Sunday 19 Jun - 11:59pm


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Taking place both in physical space and online, come and glimpse into the future of experimental art, curated by Performance Space.



On Demand available until 11:59pm Sunday 19 June.

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DISTANCE (9th June 2022)
Curated by Talia Smith

The term distance can mean many things, from the literal – length, measurements, the space between two points – to the metaphorical – the ache of the growing gap between two lovers or the feeling of disconnection from ancestral homelands. The artists selected for this iteration of LIVE DREAMS explore distance through the lens of their own experiences, creating works that draw upon the ache of connections to place, people, language, identity and spirituality. Despite the physical and emotional hurdles that the past two years have forced upon us, the artists in this presentation explore distance as a driving force, as something that can create beauty just as much as heartache. 



Morgan Hogg, 'Aere Mai (Come back)
'Aere Mai (Come back)
is a performative video piece that connects ancestral spirits to our present self. It highlights the distance that can come between ourselves and our ancestors, and the journey that we must embark to bring them back to us.

Ida Sophia,
is a durational performance seeking to reconcile two ‘home’ locations within (the artist’s) one body. The locations are where Ida was born and where she was moved after her parents divorced.

Natalie Quan Yau Tso, Nothing Happened Here 呢度冇事發生
In Nothing Happened Here 呢度冇事發生, the artist eats a substance made from a failed recipe of 腸粉 (steamed rice rolls) while singing and reciting public and personal memories of the 2019 movement in Hong Kong.

Natsuko Yonezawa, Achiragawa
Achiragawa explores how our self-identity interacts and conflicts with the identity that society has given us. It is a performance work inspired by butoh, contemporary dance and martial arts. The work will also consist of live music performed on-stage.

Lorcan PowerFaux Pas
Faux Pas
explores intimacies, correlations, and expectations emphasising the pressure on each of us to conform. Exploring a world of assimilation and unison, compared to a space inspired by difference, queerness and awkwardness. Performing with dancers:
Alana Searles, Laurinda Priddle, Leilani Bezzina-Cork

MP HopkinsPage 59 (strays)
Page 59 (strays) is an improvised vocal and film work in which the artist speaks to, and is spoken through, by two friends and artistic collaborators; one living, the other dead.

Monica Rani Rudhar, Mother of Millions on Whitford Road 
The work that Monica will be presenting creates a passage through time to connect to her paternal grandmother who passed away before she was born, with a prayer that she sung every morning at sunrise in India. Taught to Monica by her eldest surviving Aunty, she’ll be performing to a meditative prayer sung by her aunty and herself. The work she will be presenting recreates a site-specific work that took place during lockdown in a field of flowers known as ‘mother of millions’ on her childhood street.

Performance Space’s LIVE DREAMS is a platform for artists to share works-in-progress and ideas in development in a dynamic and responsive environment. LIVE DREAMS takes place both in-theatre at Carriageworks and digitally via our live streaming channel, Live On The Line. This platform offers us an exciting glimpse into current developments in experimental art, creating a crucible for experimentation and conversation.

This June, Performance Space will hold a special edition of LIVE DREAMS, inviting artists to present works-in-progress that imagine radical futures. Our three guest curators—Talia Smith, Joel Bray and Victoria Spence—have themed each stream with a powerful forward-looking provocation, inviting us to interrogate the role of art in shaping and reshaping our collective future in an ever-shifting world. What agendas do we want to advance and how might art dispel myths, illuminate concerns or provoke radical visions? 

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18+, with minors accompanied by a guardian 
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Haze and strong red light 
The Public Space will be host to a large installation contact by Sam Whiteside. This installation will be hanging from the ceiling, beaming slow moving, red light into the space. It will also incorporate haze. This installation is present near the bar and cafe and outside of Bay 20, where LIVE DREAMS will take place.  

Food, Beverage and DJ’s
From 5pm, the cafe and bar will be open within Carriageworks serving an array of food and beverages, with DJ’s playing across the evening.   

There will be a 20 minute intermission.

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